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The Help You Need for Funeral Home and Cremations Planning in Youngsville, LA

Pellerin Funeral Home was founded in 1921. We are a reputable funeral home and cremation service provider in Youngsville, LA. We are committed to providing all those in need of the city with help, sympathy, information, and advice as required. We take pride in providing high-quality experiences that have aided people in difficult circumstances over the last century. Our sincere interest and commitment to professionalism have aided our clients, and you should be assured that we can support you in your time of need. You can call us at (337) 332-2199  or come to our  offices in Louisiana.



Youngsville, LA Funeral Home And CremationsWhat support do you need when your family is planning funeral home and cremations in Youngsville, LA? During this time, you want to honor the memories of your loved one while also providing the support and healing family and friends need in their grief. It’s a difficult time to say goodbye, but you can rest assured knowing that our funeral planning staff is here to assist every step of the way.


We believe that funeral planning should be a personalized experience. When you work with our funeral home, we talk to your family about goals and traditions, then customize the details of the services based on your preferences. Rest assured knowing that your event will be one-of-a-kind, with unique touches to make it a memorable day for your family.


Funeral planning doesn’t have to be stressful. When you choose a reputable funeral home, then you can focus on family and friends instead of getting stuck in the logistics of the day. We’ll handle the coordination so you can focus on holding onto the memories with the people that you love.


When to Call a Full-Service Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Youngsville, LA

It doesn’t matter if you are choosing funeral services or cremation services - you need to be sure that an experienced funeral planning team is available to help. Our staff can assist with large and small events, including traditional funerals, burials, and direct cremations.


The truth is that it’s never too early to talk to a funeral director. You can wait until the last minute to start funeral planning, but this often results in unnecessary stress and pressured decisions. There’s only a small window of time to decide how you would like to lay the person to rest. So, you will need to work through these decisions quickly when finalizing funeral services.


On the other hand, many people like to have flexibility in the schedule when coordinating these events. If this approach matches your preference, then we invite you to reach out for a preplanning consultation. Preplanning can begin at any time, even if you don’t have an anticipated timeline for future events


For example, individuals often work with our funeral planning staff to learn about available services and packages. Then, we can finalize the details to match your preferences. This information is ready for your family in the future when it’s time to hold your funeral services.


Decisions for Funeral Planning


We often break the funeral planning decisions into two categories:

  • Dispositioning the Remains: You need to choose the method and location to lay your loved one to rest. There are pros and cons to both burial and cremation. Not only do you need to pick the type of service, but we’ll also help with the selection of products to support this decision. For example, a variety of designs and colors are available through our funeral home when choosing an urn or casket.
  • Location for a Gathering: Grief counselors often agree that a meeting or gathering is a necessary step in the grieving process. Your friends and family need time to get together so they can share memories. This event can be intimate, with only the closest family members. Or, you might hold a large gathering with either a formal feel or a celebratory environment to honor the deceased.


This process makes it easier for you to face the decisions one step at a time. Our full-service approach ensures that you don’t miss any critical details when coordinating funeral home and cremations services in Youngsville, LA.


Peace of Mind from a Reputable Funeral Planning Team

Choosing an experienced funeral home is a vital step to ensure that you have the support you need for funeral planning. We work hard to share information about available services, honor your family traditions, and assist with the type of event you desire. Funeral planning doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated. Instead, choose a reputable provider to focus on the experiences shared with your loved ones.


We work hard to take care of every service's details, giving you a truly customized result. Through this process, the goal is to honor the memories you have with the person you have lost. It can be a healing experience to work through the grief. Our team helps you find peace of mind through grief resources and full-service planning. You can rest assured knowing that we take care of as much as possible to give you a high-quality event.


Do you have questions about coordinating funeral services for yourself or a loved one? Then it’s time to talk to our funeral director about funeral home and cremations planning in Youngsville, LA. For more information, we invite you to schedule a consultation and tour our funeral home.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs


Should children attend funerals?

As a rule, children should be permitted to attend a wake, funeral, and burial if they so choose. No child should be required to attend a funeral or memorial service. However, it is important to consider a child's motives for refusing to attend so that their concerns or questions can be answered. Learn more.


When should you contact a funeral director?

If the death is accidental, the police will arrange for the body to be transported by a funeral director working on behalf of the coroner. If a doctor has confirmed an impending death, you can contact a funeral director of your choice when you are ready. Learn more.


How to deal with the grieving process

  • Recognize your anguish.
  • Accept that grief can elicit a wide range of unpredictable emotions.
  • Recognize that your grief experience would be special to you.
  • Seek out face-to-face assistance from those who care for you.
  • Take care of yourself physically to support yourself emotionally.
  • Learn more.

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